Beliefs & Values

Mission  Statement

  • It is the mission of Just Push Play Productions to achieve excellence, strive for affordability and express professionalism.


  • We believe our first responsibility is to be honest and trust worthy.  Approach and treat other people like you desire to be treated.
  • We are responsible to the business owner, entrepreneur, family  member and all others who use our services and focus up on their needs.
  • We are responsible to each member of the Just Push Play Productions  team.  Everyone must be considered as an  equal individual.
  • We must respect  their dignity and appreciate their value. It is important  each team member be allowed to give their input on our projects.
  • We are  all responsible to our company.
  • We must together give research to, experiment, and launch new innovative ideas and concepts, mistakes be accounted for and learned from.


  1. High standard of service  –  Always ensure your  client, or others to whom you have a professional responsibility,  receive the best  possible advice, support or performance.
  2. Excellence in quality  –  It is valuable the products and services created are given proper attention from idea to delivery and through out the entire process of each project. Our products and  services are how Just  Push  Play  Productions  interacts  with  the  world.
  3. Assume  responsibility  –  Be accountable for all your  actions. And ensure each phase of a project is completed to the highest  standards.
  4. Promote integrity  –  Be honest and straightforward in  all that you do. Respect the differences individuals can bring to a team.  Work  together by being reliable, listen to others and use appropriate  language.
  5. Constant  growth  –  Advance the profession through continued professional development, research, and education. Improve individual ability and enhance your knowledge and proficiency of the profession through continuing research and education.